PCR/qPCR customized premix

  • Customizing

    CellSafe supplies products of high quality that can meet the diversified requirements of our clients.
    To save the time and effort required for clients to purchase and use off-the-shelf products, we supply products optimized for the customers’ application.

  • Recommended Customer

    When conducting repetitive experiments using the same Primer/Probe
    Developing a new Customized PCR/qPCR Kit
    Productization/Commercialization of PCR/qPCR Kits utilizing existing diagnostic markers

  • Customization Options
    • Format: select from various fill size and containers (Bulk/ Microtube/ 8-strip/ 96well plate)
    • Packaging: custom package labeling for commercialization
    • Composition: find optimal formulation of components
    • Documentation: provide additional performance testing services

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