Mycoplasma Service

  • Mycoplasma Consulting

    With expert knowledge and experience in detection, elimination, and prevention of mycoplasma, we provide assistance in safely protecting cell lines from mycoplasma contamination. Additionally, we offer technical and academic support to customers for successful validation of NAT method for the dection of mycoplasma.

  • Mycoplasma Detection

    Using the company's mycoplasma detection products, we can evaluate the mycoplasma contamination of cell lines both for research and production, biomedicine*, and animal cell culture ingredients. Biomedicine: Therapeutic antibodies, cell therapeutics, vaccines, recombinant protein, and more Using the Hisense Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

    • Using the Hisense™ Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit
    • Using the MycoQsearch™ Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit(KFDA/EP)
    • Using the MycoQSearch™ Plus Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit (KFDA/EP)
  • Mycoplasma Elimination

    Using the company's mycoplasma elimination products, we can remove mycoplasma from mycoplasma-contaminated animal cells. As a non-antibiotic type of product, it can be effectively eliminated without the risk of recurrence due to resistance.

    • Using the BioMycoX® Mycoplasma Elimination Kit

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